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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Marble Day

Brenda & I have a jar of marbles on our countertop. Whenever we have an exceptional day we put a marble in the jar. It serves as a reminder that these great days do come around from time to time and we need to cherish them when they do. Placing the marble also helps us keep from letting a memorable day just fade away.
Yesterday we placed a large marble in the jar. We were invited to stay for dinner after we finished our work yesterday. The place we're working is in the hills of Missouri between Parkville and Weston. We finished our work for the day and had wine and cheese along with good conversation. For dinner we sat on the deck and listened to the cicadas in the trees as the sun set. We made a toast to new good friends. I think we need bigger marbles for days like this.

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Florence and Gary Deeter said...

Eric, your "marble day" idea is great for providing a visual reminder of God's goodness. I'm going to use it to encourage a couple folks who have ongoing struggles with depression. Dad