“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” - Albert Einstein

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Driving

Church was great today. We had 2 men make a commitment to the Lord. Pastor Phillip had them come up front. One of the things he told them was that following Jesus wouldn't make their life rosy and easy, but Jesus would walk through the dark times with them. I appreciate such honest, straightforward words.
After church we headed south to Ft. Scott to have lunch with Dale & Betty. Today is Dale's birthday. After dinner Dale showed us around the yard. Brenda wants ideas on what flowers to put in our yard next year. Ours haven't done so well the past few years. She got the name of a vinca variety that looked good, even in the dry and the heat of these past few weeks.
Dale and Betty taught us how to play "Rook". It's like "Pitch" in that you have to bid on how many points you will win. I bid high on the first hand and won the bid, even though I didn't know for sure what I was doing. We made our bid, though. It was a good day.

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