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Monday, February 4, 2013

Rollin' Down the Highway

God promises a highway through the wilderness in Isaiah 35.  The desert will bloom, the lame will jump for joy.  And the highway leads to Zion, the city of God.

The unclean won't be able to walk on this road.  It will be for "others".  When you say "others" it's not really clear who these people are.  Except we are told they are not "unclean".  And the promise is that even a fool can find his way if he's on this highway.  No Garmin GPS needed.

The ones who walk this road are the redeemed--those bought back from being in hock to their enemies.

This highway was first for the nation of Israel.  It tells of their return from being captives in Babylon.  But "others" gives this promise a bigger meaning.  Those who follow Jesus are also the redeemed.  So we Christ followers should claim this promise as well.

To often I've let my times in the wilderness be all about feeling dry and alone.  I was not even as smart as the fool who stumbled onto this highway.

The promise for us is that the wilderness becomes a place of springs and a place of healing for us.

I'm asking the Spirit to let me see the highway and not get discouraged if all around me is wasteland.  The word of God promises springs of water in the desert.  I'm one of his redeemed so I'm trusting that he will put me on that highway. 

And the fact that those redeemed are "others" and not exclusivel

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